An idea born from the love of nonpareil home and décor pieces, Kalira is based on the principle that every living space should be as unique as the individuals that live in it. Kalira produces items uniquely designed to give you an emotional bond with our art, a bond as strong and meaningful as any you would make from choosing a gown or a home.

All our items are specifically crafted or curated by our Creative Director and every piece tells a story all its own. The idea that is Kalira was first conceived from a meticulously specific aesthetic for home décor which flirted with the idea of blending separate readily available but never before mixed styles. Our love for the uncommon albeit special gives Kalira a fundamental identity of exceptional style, elegance and modernity with a synergy of selected African motifs.

Kalira’s style is largely contemporary understated elegance with sporadic pops of colour that exude sophistication. All our pieces are crafted by the finest local artisans, ensuring you get nothing but the best quality product. Our merchandise frequently evolves along with the taste of our customers to keep them up to date, satisfied and also in vogue.