All our furniture pieces are made in Ghana by local artisans in Accra. We are very meticulous in the selection of our materials and accessories. We always ensure that the materials we use are of superior quality in order to maintain its look and function for a very long time. We source our fabrics mainly from all over the world and make sure that we use a minimum quality of 30,000 rubs for our occasional chairs, 50,000 rubs for residential furniture and 100,000 rubs for commercial furniture. These minimum rub values ensure that your upholstery will look just as you bought it for a very long time if it is maintained adequately.

We use locally sourced wood for our solid wood framed-chairs. The types of wood we regularly use are Hw3dua, Cedar and Mansonia. We make sure the wood is treated and dried to get rid of moisture that causes cracks and pest infestation.

Rubs – Rubs are a measure of an upholstery fabric’s abrasion resistance.